Saturday Breakfast x Lunch served 9am-2pm. 

we are tiny and a lot of the farms we source from are tiny. some dishes and ingredients changes daily, we update the website as often we can.

FLAPS 1 for 3 // 2 for 5 // 3 for 8 add chocolate chips +$.50 whipped butter, warm maple syrup  (vg)

2X2X2 2 eggs // 2 meat (bacon or sausage) // 2 pieces of sourdough or multigrain 9

upgrade to flaps +3

POTATO HASH marble potatoes, carrots, leeks, beans, broccoli purée ( v + gf ) 9

add cheese +1 // add meat +3 // add egg +1// add tempeh bacon

McGATHER house-made spring onion cheddar biscuit, sausage patty, fried egg, arugula, maple aioli  10 

SPRING GREENS + HERBS mixed greens, fresh herbs, coriander + lemon vinaigrette, pickled turnips, charred spring onion, toasted sunflower seeds, dijon croutons  ( gf  w/o croutons+ v) 12

STICKY BUNS rhubarb orange jam, honey glaze (vg) 5

GRITS heirloom white corn grits, bacon, aged white cheddar 6

STRATTA savory bread pudding, bacon braised kale + leeks, pecorino, raclette cheese, rutabaga puree 12 add egg +1

BREAKFAST TACOS chorizo, refried beans, jalapeño, cilantro, scrammed egg, lime crema, corn tortilla ( gf) 8   (sub chorizo for tempeh bacon)

BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH house-made chicken thigh patty, crispy shallot + chicken skin crumble, barrel aged buffalo sauce, blue cheese slaw, onion roll 15

CRUMBLE honey crisp  walnuts , oat crumble  6 add custard +2