Saturday Breakfast x Lunch served 9am-2pm. 

we are a from scratch kitchen, making all sauces, bread, pasta, everything in-house and fresh. we are tiny and a lot of the farms we source from are tiny. some dishes and ingredients changes daily, we update the website as often we can.

Strawberry Shortcake 5

vanilla shortcake, strawberry jam, whipped cream


1 for 3 // 2 for 4 // 3 for 6

whipped butter; warm maple syrup add bacon +1

2x2x2 8

       2 eggs

       2 meat (bacon or sausage)

       2 pieces of Toast

       upgrade to flaps +2

Potato Hash 8

scapes, broccoli, sweets + russets, paprika spice, crème fraiche mousse

add cheese +1 add meat +3 add tempeh +2 add egg +3

Egg Sandwich 9

country bread, egg, cheese, sausage patty, maple aioli

Beet Salad 10

roasted + pickled beets, pickled fennel, tarragon vin, bleu infused ricotta, sourdough crisps

Pastrami Sliders 12

house smoked lamb pastrami, tiny kaiser rolls, mint mustard, raclette, homemade sauerkraut, spicy greens

Ice Cream Cone vanilla custard 3

*everything made from scratch and in-house with lots of love, products sourced locally and carefully, waste reused or recycled sustainably