14 draft lines featuring the best of craft beer from across the globe + proudly featuring many fantastic local breweries.


a plethora of cans and bottles to drink here or take home with you

why cøllect?

cøllect is a synonym of gather. it is another way to bring people together over thoughtfully curated products.

why ø?

“øl” is the danish word for beer. cøllect is a beer bar!

what if i don’t like beer?

no worries! first and foremost, we’d love to introduce you to a beer to try (sours are a nice entry into the beer world, as they can be tart, fruity, drinkable, super approachable) ask us anything, our passion is sharing the stories of the brewers that put there lives into their craft, making you great beer! but far be it from us to tell you what you like, still no beer for you, no problemo! we will always have a cider or mead on tap, as well as a kombucha. no dice still, we have a great red and white wine pour, or if its a cocktail kind of night you can grab a drink down at the bar at gather and bring it on up.

do you serve food in cøllect?

yes! our whole gather menu is available at cøllect. we also serve free popcorn courtesy of lea’s dad’s awesome popcorn machine. free popcorn for all. soak up those suds with a salty snack. thanks to dad jones. on sunday’s you are more than welcome to bring your own food!

p.s. so sorry no food on the roof!

can I take beer to go?

absolutely! all cans and bottles are available to drink on site or take with you. we offer discounted pricing on to go singles and 4-packs.