Photos by : Hour Magazine and taken by Joe Vaughn

Photos by : Hour Magazine and taken by Joe Vaughn


We are so excited to introduce you to Jessi Patuano, our executive chef.  

Simple and pure: these two words describe Jessi’s philosophy towards food, from the way it’s grown and raised, to how it’s prepared and shared. She puts intense care and thought into each dish she creates, going above and beyond to offer our guests excellent meals. Originally a Long Island girl, Jessi has been in metro Detroit for almost a decade working with some of Michigan’s best and building relationships with local farmers and purveyors who also believe in simple, pure food. You can always have confidence that what you're eating here is helping the local food community and that it was grown and prepared with love. We are so excited to have her knowledge and experience at Gather. She leads her team well with a strong, nurturing sprit, and we know you’ll feel that, too!


Hi! We’re Kyle + Lea

We grew up in metro Detroit and began dating in high school. While life took us through California and Chicago, we always carried with them the dream of opening a restaurant in their home city. Fast forward to May 2017 and our dream that began in college is now a reality: Gather.

We opened Gather with the dream to have a small, neighborhood restaurant that felt like a dinner party with friends and family. We are hoping at our 3 communal tables you will meet new people, share ideas, stories, and food. Chatting with folks you know and don't know over a meal, makes for better communication and great community and growth in our city. The open kitchen brings the process of preparing your food to the forefront, our kitchen team is right there in the dining room with you (just like you're somewhere comfortable, like grandma's house:)). All of what you see when you come eat with us at Gather, is thanks to our parents and grandparents who taught us how to work hard and be kind. That's the only way we could have gotten here. We think hard work and kindness make everything and everyone better. We're here pretty much all the time (usually running around in circles), stop-in, introduce yourself, we'd love to meet you, feed you, and learn from you. We all have so much to learn from each other, let's do more chatting at the table!