the lunch box

we love thoughtful, simple, fresh food. we love giving you that option wherever you may be, team meetings at work, client meetings, lunch events of any kind. that's why we made "the lunch box". 

each lunch box contains: sandwich // chips // hummus // pickled veggie // cookie // grandpa mint


lunch box $10 

assorted drinks (water and faygo) +$1

delivery (10 box minimum order) $10

pick-up $0

*10 box minimum order

**because each box is made fresh please give us 24hr notice.


please fill out the form below. we will be in touch shortly to confirm your request.

pepper-crusted roasted turkey // greens // tomato // chipotle mayo // homemade bun

thick cut bacon // greens // tomato // roasted garlic aioli // homemade bun

black bean hummus // greens // avocado // tomato // onion // homemade bun
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