we are a from scratch kitchen, making all sauces, bread, pasta, everything in-house and fresh. we are tiny and a lot of the farms we source from are tiny. some dishes and ingredients changes daily, we update the website as often we can.


SOUP cumin +  sweet potato puree, toasted pistachio and  blue cheese crumble (vg, gf v w/out cheese) 5

BREAD AND BUTTER house-made sourdough, house-made butter, jam (v) 7

CHIP AND DIP house spiced tortillas, smoky bean dip (gf + vg)  6

HEIRLOOM BEET BRUSCHETTA pickled golden beets, savory red beet puree, blue cheese ricotta, edible “soil”, lemon verbena, nasturtium flowers, grilled country bread. (vg) 10

BITTER GREENS CAESAR SALAD puntarelle, chicory, radicchio, house smoked bacon lardons, sourdough croutons, caramelized onions, grilled sugar snap peas, creamy caesar dressing, shaved pecorino 12

PEACH AND TOMATO PANZANELLA tomato, pickled peaches, pickled red onions, tahini vinaigrette, babaganoush, sunflower seed za'atar, fresh herbs, country bread croutons, mixed greens  (v) 12

RIBS house smoked ribs, peach and pink peppercorn bbq sauce (gf) 13

GNOCCHI house-made potato dumplings, pumpkin + jalapeno cheese sauce, toasted pepitas  (vg) 13

SOCCA chickpea flatbread, herb marinated summer veggies, garlic puree, grilled trumpet mushrooms, pickled peppers, fresh tomato, spinach (gf + vg) 12

CLAMS VERDE manilla clams, tomatillo salsa, cucumber, radish, grilled bread (gf without bread) 14

CASSOULET duck confit, andouille sausage, bean and sausage ragout, roasted delicata squash, duck skin crumble ( gf w/out crumble) 15

HALF CHICKEN bourbon caramel glazed half chicken, smoked tomato and red bean puree, toasted corn bread, bourbon caramel drizzle 20

STEAK 8 oz grilled grass-fed coulot steak, black garlic sauce, white onion sauce, garlic butter (gf)  20

SALMON native caught chinook salmon, szechuan + togarashi glaze, sauteed baby asian greens, foraged sea beans, wild mushroom dashi, bonito flakes (gf) 28


VANILLA CUSTARD bowl or cone 4